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Resolving Ambiguities in Arbitrary Values

Many utilities in Tailwind share a common namespace but map to different CSS properties. For example text-lg and text-black both share the text- namespace, but one is for font-size and the other is for color.

When using arbitrary values, Tailwind can generally handle this ambiguity automatically based on the value you pass in:

<!-- Will generate a font-size utility -->
<div class="text-[22px]">...</div>

<!-- Will generate a color utility -->
<div class="text-[#bada55]">...</div>

Sometimes it really is ambiguous though, for example when using CSS variables:

<div class="text-[var(--my-var)]">...</div>

In these situations, you can “hint” the underlying type to Tailwind by adding a CSS data type before the value:

<!-- Will generate a font-size utility -->
<div class="text-[length:var(--my-var)]">...</div>

<!-- Will generate a color utility -->
<div class="text-[color:var(--my-var)]">...</div>

From the Tailwind CSS docs.

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