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About Me

Thanks for visiting my spot on the web

I started this site to share what I'm learning while I'm learning it. For years I have been saving notes while taking a course or reading docs, collecting helpful and interesting snippets of code I find useful, and keeping track of ideas and solutions that I myself come up with.

Considering how much I have benefitted from the content that other developers share I figured it was time to return the favor. Hopefully something on this site helps you in some way.

So who am I?

Professionally I'm a software engineer that focuses on frontend web development. I say I'm self-taught, but as I mentioned above it is only possible because of all the amazing resources others have created and shared.

Some of my favorite tech and topics I write about are React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.

Recently I have started learning C++. The language is used a lot in the creation of audio plug-in software (synths and effects) and is also the language used for certain creative coding libraries such as openFrameworks.

Intro to programming

Prior to building with code I created things with wood, metal, plastics, cement, fiberglass, etc. I loved it, and still do, but it was a much more complicated life. Having a workshop is amazing, but it's a lot to manage and maintain. Also, moving it was a nightmare.

However it was working in that field that led me to programming.

I began incorporating "tech" into the work I was doing for both residential and commercial clients. Things began to take off when I worked with an event design company and started pairing simple motion sensors with prop lighting. You may have heard about or used Arduinos. I know they've been at the threshold of other's introduction into programming.

While living in Portland, OR, I assisted in building the new boardroom furniture for the tech company Puppet. I spent a lot of time at their amazing office and loved the entire feel and vibe of the place. Everyone I met and engaged with was interesting and generous. It felt like an environment and culture I'd enjoy working in.

I eventually decided to nudge my life in that direction.

Besides code

Besides coding I love being outside. It's good to get away from the desk and glowing monitor. Hiking and backpacking are a genuine passion, though I don't ever seem to dedicate enough time to either. I love going out for breakfast...maybe even more than dinner. I also started getting into gardening, though lately it's only been simple indoor experiments. I've become a master at growing sprouts .

I appreciate you checking out my site. You can also visit my GitHub and LinkedIn pages if interested. I'm not too active on social media, though, so you probably won't find me there.